Telematics Discount

Your Connection to BIG Savings

Telematics is innovative solution made to save perfect drivers cash on acquiring their vehicle insurance. A telematics device shall recognize fair driving habits by monitoring how well your vehicle is driven and reduced your insurance by as high as thirty percent on your subsequent renewals.


  • Save as much as thirty percent on your car insurance. Your fair driving style helps earn you a discount up to the extent of 30% on your subsequent renewal.
  • Get ten percent off for signing up for TELEMATICS.
  • It is totally free! There is no charge or rental for the device.
  • It’s quite easy Just follow the guidelines to install the device and there you go.
  • It is Highly Confidential The data collected will not be used for any purpose except the Telematics program.
  • No Adverse Results from telematics device will increase your premium; your premium can only go down.
  • Enriches your good driving styles every week you receive emails to review your driving styles and them. With Telematics, you save on fuel too.
  • Merely Nine Months Monitoring Period Take out the device at the end of nine months and hold your discount for as much time as you’re insured.


  • You have Intact Insurance and
  • You own a vehicle having model year 1998 or later.
  • Some vehicles like Electric, Hybrid or diesel may not qualify.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Sign Up

Talk about your telematics eligibility with your Billyard Insurance Group and enroll yourself in the program if eligible..

Step 2 - Install

Once enrolled, an email will be sent and a device will be sent in your mail. Follow the simple methods to install your device and get started to make savings on your insurance.

Step 3 - Drive & Save

Telematics device records your car’s driving data for nine months and then devises a discount on the basis of:

  • Hard Braking frequency
  • Rapid Acceleration frequencyg
  • Safe Hours driving
  • Mileage on odometer

You receive a weekly email intimating you on your weekly progress.

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