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Insurance Cover (Click to Expand)

Insurance cover is universally needed by all automobile owners as required by the law. After addition to compulsory basic coverage according to the law, you can avail a number of other options for enhanced coverage and peace of mind.

Liability Generic Coverage

This is the first thing you need to get done before you put your vehicle on road. It is the coverage of your liability in events where you are deemed responsible for injuring someone or their property while you are on road in your vehicle. For example you bang into someone’s fence or you hit someone injuring them.

Accident Benefits

These benefits help you in case you face an accident and require hospital and medical care or rehabilitation as a consequence of your trauma. In such case not only do you receive coverage against your medical bills but you also get compensation to cover your living expenses in the event of absenteeism from your work necessary for rest and rehabilitation, regardless of the fact that you were responsible for the accident or someone else.

Medical Costs & Rehabilitation

The plan covers any medical expenses beyond the coverage of your conventional health insurance plans. This includes the following:

Standard Coverage (Click to Expand)

Under this coverage, your medical (inclusive of rehabilitative) expenses are covered as per the below mentioned limits:

  • A maximum of $50,000 for injuries of non-catastrophic natures
  • A maximum of $1,000,000 for injuries of catastrophic nature
  • A maximum of $100,000 for injuries of non-catastrophic nature
  • A maximum of $1,000,000 for injuries of catastrophic nature

Attendant Care (Click to Expand)


  • A maximum of $36,000 for injuries of non-catastrophic nature
  • A maximum of $1,000,000 for injuries of catastrophic nature
  • A maximum of $72,000 or $1,072,000 for injuries of non-catastrophic nature
  • An additional $1,000,000 for injuries of catastrophic nature

Income Replacement (Click to Expand)

If you are unable to work due to injuries as a result of a vehicular collision this coverage shall compensate you in part for the loss your sustain regarding your income.


  • A maximum of 70% of your gross income (capped at $400/week)
  • You can opt for plans providing $600, $800 or $1,000 per week.

Care of dependents(Click to Expand)

If you are not able to do your day to day activities due to complex injuries subsequent to a vehicular accident, this coverage covers the expenses incurred on hiring a care giver, helper attendant to look after you and to cover those dependent on you in case of medium to long term disabilities.

The optional coverage ceilings in this regard are:

  • A maximum of $75/week for the 1st dependent and $25/week for every additional dependent (up to a cap of $150/week)

Death/Funeral Benefits (Click to Expand)

Benefits include lump-sum amounts payable to the survivors of anyone who passes away in an accident involving an automobile and to aid in paying for the arrangements of his/her funeral.

Standard Benefit Ceilings are:

  • A maximum death benefit as much as $25,000
  • Covering funeral arrangements up to a ceiling of $6,000
  • Enhanced benefit entails double payments for both of the above mentioned benefits.

Housekeeping & Home Maintenance (Click to Expand)

If you are unable to be a primary caregiver, the benefit will provide reimbursement to you on account of the expenses you bear; this benefit is exclusively admissible against an individual impaired catastrophically.


  • A maximum of $250/week (applicable to catastrophic injuries exclusively)


  • Admissible against all injuries as a component of the enhanced caregiver expenditure.

Expenses on Caregiver (Click to Expand)

If you are unable to be a primary caregiver, the benefit will provide reimbursement to you on account of the expenses you bear; this benefit is exclusively admissible against an individual impaired catastrophically.


  • A maximum of $100/week (applicable to catastrophic injuries exclusively)
  • Also admissible against non-catastrophic impairment

Uninsured Automobile Coverage

If you’re injured in an accident, your Uninsured Automobile Coverage protects you for two scenarios. The first is if you’re in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance, and the second is if you can’t identify the vehicle; for example, if you’re a victim of a hit and run.

Direct Compensation-Property Damage

In case you meet an accident which is not due to your fault, Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD) covers the loss of your car and anything which is present in it. For example, you meet an accident and it is due to other driver’s act and you get your car damaged. You can lodge a claim with your insurance provider. It will be your insurance provider who will cover the losses. In this scenario, there is no dispute regarding responsibility amongst both the drivers. On the other hand, if the other party is only fifty percent responsible for the accident, DCPD will pay for only fifty percent of the loss of the car and anything which is in it.

Common Optional Coverages

All accidents and their resulting scenarios are different. You can personalize your insurance with extra benefit options for getting optimal benefits.

Driving Record Protection
Also known as accident forgiveness, it is an optional element of your automobile insurance. It covers the extra insurance rates you will be subjected to in case you are first at fault. If you don’t subscribe to this, you may have to pay higher premiums each time you renew your insurance in the subsequent years.

Loss of Use
An accident doesn’t mean that repair is the only cost you will have to bear. An opportunity cost of not having a care while your car gets repaired is also to be kept in mind. This includes hiring a rented car for your use. OPCF 20 is the term used for covering such expenses and it covers for the cost of acquiring an alternate mode of transportation while your car gets repaired. You can hire a rented vehicle, use public transport or use a taxi service whatever suits you and this shall be covered by the insurer.

Non-Owned Auto
You can also get into a scenario where you are using a vehicle which is not your property, for example a rented car, and end up damaging it. Termed as OPCF 27, this insurance extends your already acquired automobile insurance for your own vehicle to cover the use of rental vehicles and it is also valid in the United States of America in addition to Canada.

Collision Insurance Coverage
Sometimes when you meet an accident, you end up damaging another car or object which is not your property. As such, you not only need to get your car repaired but are also liable to get the damages settled for the other object involved in the collision, increasing the repair costs significantly. Getting collision coverage can save you the costs you have to bear from your pocket in such adverse events by only having to pay the required deductible to get the damages undone.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
If your vehicle sustains a loss due to any reason be it a fire or vandalism or you lose your car in theft, you can have peace of mind that the entire loss is covered with comprehensive coverage.

Savings on your Automobile Insurance (Click to Expand)

Now that is what requires our expertise for your benefit. Automobile insurance is tricky. You need to make an intelligent decision customized to your needs otherwise you end up paying higher premiums for the benefits most irrelevant to you. Here is where we help you to make an informed and intelligent decision.

We can suggest you a variety of means of savings on your vehicle’s insurance:

  • Availing multi-policy discounts
  • Availing multi-vehicle discounts
  • Availing winter tire discounts
  • Going for usage based insurance discounts
  • Increasing your deductibles

Explaining Auto Insurance (Click to Expand)

At Billyard Insurance Group, we are delighted to explain automobile insurance to you.

Knowing about automobile insurancew

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about automobile insurance yet. We are here to help you know the dos and don’ts of automobile insurance which will help you to make the right choice for you and your beloved vehicle.

What is it?

First of all, as you might already know, as required by law, getting automobile insurance is necessary before you can start driving it. Now what exactly this automobile insurance is and what does it cover? Automobile insurance is your protection or coverage against the expenses which might come your way in case you face an unfortunate accident with your automobile. This includes road side accidents, damage to someone else’s vehicle or property or even life. This constitutes the liability coverage component of your automobile’s insurance. With vehicle insurance, you can forget the fear of your car being stolen or an unintentional or intentional damage to your car including vandalism.

What is its need?

Well, not everyone is a millionaire with hundreds or thousands of dollars in their bank accounts. Life can take any twist or turns and things may get complicated when you, unfortunately, meet an accident resulting in damage to another person. In such cases, they need to be hospitalized and their families can suffer due to the loss of income resulting from their immobilization. It is in such cases that your liability coverage helps you by settling your liabilities in the case. You may even need to replace their vehicle if it gets damaged beyond repair. Don’t worry, if you are insured, your insurer will cover all such expenses including the expenses incurred on you and your vehicle as well.

Who needs to get it?

Everyone who wants to drive a car or vehicle needs to have his/her automobile insurance first.

When should I have it?

The day and time an automobile is owned by you, you are mandated to have its insurance done regardless of its use. You may use it sparingly or occasionally, having it in your garage warrants you to get it insured.

How to get it?

All you need is to visit Billyard Insurance Group Request for an online quote for automobile insurance and leave the rest to us. We, at Billyard Insurance Group will conduct a search on your behalf with our partner insurance companies to look for the best rates and coverage suited to your needs. For determining the best options for you, we need some information on your behalf including:
- Your personal details like your name, age, gender and residence address
- Your driving history including the number of years elapsed since you first got your driving license
- Your vehicle details including its year of production, make and model
- Ownership details of the vehicle; owned or leased
- Your insurance history showing the number of claims you have lodged previously
- Your driving history showing the number of violations you have been involved in
Once you get your online quote, you are very close to procure your insurance and start receiving its benefits.

Why it seems expensive?

Wondering why automobile insurance is so expensive? Well the premiums depend upon a lot of factors including some of the factors attributable to you for example your driving habits and history as well as factors attributable to your vehicle like its year of manufacture, model and make. These factors may contribute to an increased risk of damage to your car resulting in a higher premium. But rest assured, we are here to help you make a rational choice.

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